TTW Candidates

We have already helped to carve the careers of many of the region’s leading hospitality Managers and Chefs and remain committed to creating long term relationships with candidates, offering advice and opportunities throughout their careers.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know our candidates: the hospitality industry is, after all, driven by having the right personalities in the business as well as experience and qualifications.

We offer employees the following services:

· CV writing and presentation
· Current hospitality job analysis and trends
· Interview training/techniques
· Full briefing on potential employers and jobs
· Pre and post interview briefing

The amount of time we spend getting to know our candidates is mirrored by the time we spend researching the specific needs of each client and therefore are able to provide candidates with relevant information and coaching prior to an interview.

At TTW will always be honest with feedback and use both positive and negative interviews to the candidate’s advantage.

Building long term relationships is of the utmost importance at TTW and as much as we will work hard to place candidates in roles, we also want to maintain relationships with those candidates who find the right role via another source. Our candidates often become clients of the future and therefore an excellent candidate experience is the foundation of TTW.